THE SHOP AT THE END OF THE WORLD was a retail concept store developed by Antanna co-owners Anthony and Anne Keyworth. It was to be housed inside one of the city’s oldest buildings along Kloof Street in Cape Town.

This project entailed the property’s acquisition, in-depth research and consultation with heritage experts to investigate the property’s rich history, extensive property renovation and the development of THE SHOP AT THE END OF THE WORLD’s brand.

The retail concept drew inspiration from the property’s rich history, as it was closely associated with The Dutch East India Company as one of the most important trading posts in the Southern Hemisphere. Brand identity was inspired by one of the property’s most notorious resident, a peeping Tom (voyeur).

Antanna accepted an irrefutable offer to purchase the property after extensive building restoration and prior to launching the retail concept store.

The retail concept for THE SHOP AT THE END OF THE WORLD has been put on hold for now.