To promote the launch of Loom’s e-commerce site, Loom collaborated with iKineo to create the world’s first immersive retail experience.

Loom Parkhurst was transformed into a high-tech, digital-meets-physical retail space through the use of interactive shop window installations, where passersby could interact with products on display (using an iPhone or Android device) and purchase goods via the new online shop 24 hours a day – long after the shop had closed its doors for the day.

LED screens offered in-store customers the opportunity to engage with the products they were browsing. Customers were encouraged to stand in front of the LED screens and scan any item equipped with RFID technology to discover product stories, plus content shared on social networks such Instagram or Twitter.

The campaign delivered excellent results and achieved five Loerie Awards in 2013 (South Africa’s most prestigious advertising awards ceremony), plus four Bookmark Awards (South Africa’s digital innovation award ceremony).