House on Fire is a creative centre situated in Swaziland that explores African culture, design and art. Founder and co-owner of House on Fire, Jiggs Thorne together with Antanna worked in partnership to distribute and retail House on Fire’s unique art pieces within South Africa.

Antanna arranged a series of exhibitions for House on Fire, in an effort to market its creations. The first exhibition, ‘Royal Flush’ was held at Franchise Gallery at 44 Stanley in Johannesburg, which attracted the attention of local and international collectors and interior designers. The exhibition obtained unprecedented results in both attendance and sales. Over 400 guests attended the opening evening and the exhibition sold-out within 3 weeks. In addition, House on Fire received extensive radio and print exposure and to this day ‘Royal Flush’ is regarded as the biggest art and cultural event for Swaziland held outside of its borders.

The second exhibition, ‘An African Garden of Eden’ was held at Antanna’s product design studio. For this exhibition, Anthony Keyworth commissioned a number of unique pieces including a series of operational Technics SL1200 turntables (commonly used by DJs) and a number of ghetto blasters (also known as a boombox – a portable cassette or CD player with two or more loud speakers and a carrying handle). Each and every part was carved from stone and fully maneuverable. These premium-priced, limited edition pieces sold out instantaneously.