Fruit Pack is a 100% natural fruit purée snack for children aged 10+ months. It’s Kosher certified and contains no preservatives, no colourants, no flavourants and no added sugar. Fruit Pack’s three flavours are Awesome Apple, Apple & Pear and Strawberry & Banana.

In 2009 co-owners Anthony and Anne Keyworth identified the opportunity to introduce this product into the South African market after noticing a similar trend in Europe, whereby fruit purée is packaged into a pouch. Each 90g pouch of Fruit Pack is equivalent to one fruit serving and as a result, a consumer is afforded the convenience of a healthy on-the-go snack that’s durable enough to be stored in a handbag, baby bag, schoolbag or lunchbox.

Fruit Pack launched in November 2010 after extensive research, product and brand development. It was South Africa’s first-to-market fruit purée snack and was soon imitated by a number of local competitors.

To aid its customers in purchasing in bulk, Fruit Pack extended its product offering in July 2011 by introducing 4-packs containing 4 x 90g units per flavour.

Today Fruit Pack is available at a number of retailers including Baby City, Wellness Warehouse, Dis-Chem, SPAR, as well as numerous delis and health-oriented stores across South Africa.

Fruit Pack differentiates itself through its niche distribution network, the events it participates in and the way in which it markets itself. In 2012 Fruit Pack was selected by an international jury of retail experts to represent South Africa at SIAL d’Or – an international awards ceremony in Paris that recognises product and marketing innovation.

In September 2013, Fruit Pack granted an Italian licensee permission to operate the brand in Italy as “Cuore Di Frutta” (Heart of Fruit). For more information visit